Report on Andrew Cuomo Confirms Sexual Harassment, Misuse of State Resources and Underreporting of Nursing Home Deaths

The New York State Assembly Judiciary Committee has completed their report on former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and confirmed that the worst is true.

Despite Cuomo’s attempts to sway things in his favor, an independent legal team found truth in the alleged sexual harassment towards 12 women, his misappropriation of government resources for his book, and a severe underreporting of the number of nursing home deaths.

In March 2021, Speaker Carl Heastie tasked the Judiciary Committee with finding evidence that corroborated Cuomo’s alleged heinous events and wrongdoings.

The 45-page report was generated by an outside law firm, Davis Polk & Wardwell, who the committee hired to conduct a thorough investigation. They combed through over 600,000 pages of documents, including emails, photos, and both video and audio recordings.

Their conclusion read in part, “We have also reviewed the statements made and writings by former Governor Cuomo and his counsel — opportunities of which they availed themselves despite, in the end, refusing to comply in any meaningful way with the Committee’s requests and subpoenas, despite public pledges of his cooperation on numerous occasions.”

The report detailed out the evidence that led the committee to its conclusion, revealing that Cuomo:

  • Engaged in multiple instances of sexual harassment, including by creating a hostile work environment and engaging in sexual misconduct;  
  • Utilized state resources and property, including work by Executive Chamber staff, to write, publish, and promote his book regarding his handling of the COVID-19 crisis – a project for which he was guaranteed at least $5.2 million in personal profit; and at the same time 
  • Was not fully transparent regarding the number of nursing home residents who died as a result of COVID-19.

The committee’s chairman, Charles Lavine, said of the final report:

“This has been an historic undertaking and one that the members of the Judiciary Committee took on with extreme diligence and thoughtfulness. I would like to thank all the members of the committee as well our counsel at Davis Polk for their hard work. The former governor’s conduct – as shown in this report – is extremely disturbing and is indicative of someone who is not fit for office. I hope this report helps New Yorkers further understand the seriousness of the allegations that have been made and serves to guide us to a more ethical and responsible government. New Yorkers deserve no less.”

Statements from Cuomo himself and his counsel were reviewed by the team but were incredibly lacking.

After the report was made public, Cuomo’s spokesman Rich Azzopardi released a lengthy statement, denying many of the allegations and calling it hypocritical and revisionist. He said, “Any report that uses the Attorney General’s politically biased investigation as a basis is going to be equally flawed.”

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