Reports say White House LIED and American Families are Stranded in Afghanistan

Biden’s Administration is reportedly stranding Americans despite promising that every American who wants to leave Afghanistan and come back to America will be brought back.

Fox New’s Peter Doocy continues to press against that narrative. Doocy made the term ‘stranded’ a mainstream phrase when referring to Americans still stuck in Kabul after Psaki exploded at his characterization.

“Most of the criticism is not of ‘leaving Afghanistan.’ It is the way he has ordered it to happen by pulling the troops before getting Americans that are stranded. Does [Joe Biden] have a sense of that?” asked Doocy.

Psaki responded, “It’s irresponsible to say Americans are stranded. They are not. We are committed to bringing Americans who want to come home, home.”

Fox reports that the Taliban are actively hunting those living in Afghanistan who went against the terrorist regime in time in the last 20 years. A 24-year-old journalist told Fox that she is forced to change her location every night due to fears the Taliban will retaliate against her.

She said she “was one of the females to always talk against Taliban in the media because what they did to the women, what they did to the innocent people in Afghanistan, what they did it to the children in Afghanistan.”

Jack Posobiec reported that TerminalCWO, a Twitter account famous for posting memes, “has collected proof of 16 American citizens who are trying to evacuate Afghanistan but cannot.” Posobiec says this is proof that “the White House lied” when Psaki claimed they would be bringing all willing Americans home.

The screenshots shared on Posobiec’s Twitter account said the group has “proof of 16 American citizens who have tried to evacuate Afghanistan but will be abandoned by the U.S. Government within days, contrary to official statements from the White House.”

TerminalCWO claimed that through its connections, it found that “these American Citizens not only want to evacuate” but that “they were also registered and tracked as many of them are government employees.”

The group promised to release “more documents and photos over the coming weeks” that it says will “prove that the White House is not only lying in their assertions, but they’re knowingly covering up the fact they’re leaving American Citizens in a hostile country.”

Through their own Twitter account, TerminalCWO brought attention to an entire American family currently trapped in Afghanistan. “Most alarming for our team was discovering passports of children within our database,” the account wrote.

“We’re unsure why they went to Afghanistan. We only know they were submitted after efforts to reach out to the state department on their behalf were unsuccessful,” TerminalCWO said.

The anonymous owner of the TerminalCWO Twitter account wrote, “My personal take is that a social media page, whose roots are in memes and trolling, shouldn’t be more aware or capable of identifying our citizens abroad than a government that allocated $703 billion to its defense budget in 2021.”

It is hard to continue the charade that the Biden Administration cares about rescuing Americans when anon accounts are doing more to locate our citizens than they are.


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