Republican Candidate James Craig Leads Michigan Governor Whitmer in Early Poll

According to a recent survey, former Detroit Police Chief and Michigan gubernatorial candidate James Craig has a six-point lead against Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer in the upcoming 2022 race.

According to a Trafalgar Group survey, Craig has 50.2% support among possible Michigan general election voters, while Whitmer has 44.4%. Undecided voters made up 5.2% of the electorate. The Daily Caller reports that in the study, 53.45% of voters were connected with the Democratic Party, 35% with the Republican Party, and the other 11% were Independent. The vast majority, 81.6%, were white, and more than a third were between the ages of 45 and 64.

The poll was conducted between September 13-15. A total of 1,097 people were surveyed, with a margin of error of 2.96% and a response rate of 1.46%. A quarter of the participants were aged 65 or older, 14.2% were 25-32 years old, 13.8% were 35-44 years old, and just 7.6% were 18-24 years old. According to the Trafalgar Group website, participants were polled using live calls, integrated voice replies, text messaging, emails, and two more public digital techniques that were not published.

Republican James Craig announced his run for governor on a July 21 episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” where he vowed to oppose Governor Whitmer’s statewide lockdown policies. He also said he would defend “small businesses who are suffering through the pandemic” and reminded viewers that he “protected and served” the city of Detroit for 44 years as former chief of police.

Craig kicked off his campaign with a speech on Belle Isle on Sept. 14 that was immediately disrupted by protesters chanting, “James Craig is full of hate! We won’t let him win our state.” Craig labeled the agitators “paid protesters” and said that Michigan State Police and the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) should have stopped them from disrupting his event.

He later made another appearance on Carlson’s show, suggesting Governor Whitmer should be held responsible for the incident, saying, “I know them very well, Tucker. I know them very well. Summer of Love 2020, they made it home in Detroit. They were disruptive; no surprises there. But I’ve got to tell you; they want to silence me. They wanted me to leave Detroit last year. I said, ‘most of you need to leave.’ These folks are from outside the city—and they come here— and they’re not speaking for anybody in the city.” Craig continued, “She oversees the Michigan State Police and the Department of [Natural] Resources that covers the island. This is not accidental.”

In the run-up to the 2020 election, Trafalgar Group’s polls showed then-President Trump leading Biden in key states, including Michigan. However, Biden won the state by nearly three percentage points.


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  1. Don’t tell the Detroit Free (liberal) Press that, they will show Whitless up by 20 points and try to drag her across the finish line. All the liberal outlets in Michigan are attacking Craig, fake protestors probably soros funded are attacking Craig for so call police brutality something the 80% Blacks in Detroit NEVER ACCUSED his department of while he was Chief of Police of Detroit, meanwhile ZERO RIOTS under Craig and crime dropped by 50% while he was there.

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