Republican Mayoral Candidate Discusses His Platform for NYC

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New York City Republican mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa recently stated that the current progressive leadership is “destroying [the] quality of life” in the city.

Sliwa spoke to Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo to discuss his run for mayor against Democrat Eric Adams and the alarming rise in crime in NYC. Sliwa, known for his trademark red beret, started the Guardian Angels Safety Patrol in 1979 as New York faced a financial downturn and rampant street crime.

He was a night manager at McDonald’s when he decided to organize volunteers to patrol the subway system amid cuts to the police budget by then-mayor Ed Koch. He was arrested 76 times and shot in a suspected mob hit as a result of his efforts. His opponent, Adams, is a retired police officer and current Brooklyn Borough President.

Sliwa told the Fox Business host that mayor de Blasio rejected an offer from president Biden to use $350 billion of the $1.9 trillion stimulus package to hire more police officers. Sliwa went on to suggest the city needs 38,000 police officers saying, “that’s what Rudy Guiliani had when he got into office in 1993, and notice the miraculous turnaround from the murder capital of America, which we were in 1992, to the safest big city in America that we were by the time that Rudy got out of office.” He also said he would impose a property tax on Madison Square Garden, Columbia University, and New York University, which pays no property tax to hire more police officers.

In discussing the city’s homeless problem, Sliwa said he frequently deals with homeless people as leader of the Guardian Angels. “They need to have treatment for their alcohol addiction, their drug addiction, and their emotional issues and the emotionally disturbed, again, living in subways and parks and streets; how can we say we’re a progressive city? When we see that the progressives have continually destroyed the city and the quality of life.”

When asked how he plans to win votes in the heavily Democratic city, he said he can “go into neighborhoods where no Republican has ever gone.” Sliwa pointed to his animal welfare platform of “no-kill shelters,” which proposes giving $1,000 to people who adopt pets from city shelters. He stated, “we’re never going to euthanize, ever again, dogs and cats in our shelter system in New York.”

Adams and Sliwa held separate press conferences in Queens at the scene of an apparent gang shoot-out that took place on Saturday, leaving 10 people wounded. Both men suggested that more police are needed in the city.

Adams focused on bringing back the anti-gang unit, and Sliwa called for cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement in response to the shooting, believed to have involved Trinitarios gang members. Sliwa also took to Twitter to share his ideas on how to save NYC.


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