Republicans, Independents Legitimately Concerned Government Will Abuse ‘Red Flag’ Laws

As the Senate moves to pass reactive gun control in the wake of the Uvalde elementary school shooting, a poll has shown the majority of Republicans and Independents fear the government will abuse its power, because what government has ever relinquished rights taken back to its citizens?

The Center Square reports that of the more than 1,000 likely 2022 voters polled, 72.2% of Republicans and 52.3% of Independents believe such laws can potentially be used by local authorities and government officials to “disarm their political opponents and/or citizens who disagree with them.”

In contrast, only 16.4% of Democrats share this belief.

In a move typical of leftist fashion, and an obvious attempt to make these restrictions seem less totalitarian, lawmakers have chosen to change the language surrounding “red flag” laws – instead calling them “crisis intervention” orders.

These unconstitutional “laws” will allow the courts to determine if an individual is a “significant danger to themselves or others,” which may sound good; however, is entirely objective and opens the door to corruption and exploitation.

Fourteen Republican Senators voted in favor of the legislation, despite claims by others in the legislature that the vote was rushed, with only an hour given to read the bill.

History proves in a multitude of instances that governmental infringement on the rights of its citizens has no intent to rescind power.

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