Residents, Frustrated with Do-Nothing City Leaders, Take Matters into Own Hands

Under the Alaskan Flyover Seattle, WA.

“We knew it would come to this,” the staff at wrote. “Liberal progressive policies have empowered criminals and weakened citizens, leading to a need for vigilante justice.”

Still, here, vigilantism isn’t as violent as the term suggests, rather, it’s clever. Seattle business owners and residents, fed up with the presence of RVs parked on streets in their neighborhoods, attracting “homeless encampments,” are rebelling against an unresponsive, “woke” city government.

Some “anonymous Seattleites” have had “ecology blocks” or “eco blocks” hauled to their neighborhoods to block the RVs from parking and “homeless” camps from setting up in front of their businesses and homes.

FOX News described the concrete blocks as “massive 1 to 2-ton blocks….” The Seattle Times reported they installed the “eco-blocks in front of businesses and homes, most notably in the neighborhoods such as Georgetown, Ballard and Sodo.” These neighborhoods are known for their mixed residential and business properties.

Business owner JW Harvey told the Seattle Times residents had to take “matters into their own hands because if they call the city and say there are RVs out in front of their business or out in front of their home, they [say they] can’t do anything about it.” More to the point, they can, but they won’t.

Crime is no longer against the law in cities like Seattle.

RVs may only park in “industrial zoned areas…, but the city paused enforcement during…” the CCP virus deception. Not that that city needs an excuse not to enforce the law. As it is, the new Republican city attorney actually had to, as reported by the National Police Association, get “permission” from municipal court judges to prosecute chronic offenders.

Some participants are not anonymous in the effort to reclaim their streets. The West Seattle Health Club wrote a letter saying, “To avoid the return of the encampment, the West Seattle Health Club is partnering with our neighboring businesses to place eco-blocks along the surrounding area.”

In Seattle’s unique fashion, their solution to the peoples’ actions is to enforce the law—against the frustrated residents and business owners, suffering from the city’s not enforcing the law against street-people lawbreakers.

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