Russell Brand Slams Hillary Clinton for Labeling Trump Supporters ‘Nazis’ and ‘Fascists’

British comedian and commentator Russell Brand called out Hillary Clinton and other liberals on Tuesday for calling those they disagree with “Nazis” and “fascists.” According to the New York Post, Brand discussed Hillary Clinton’s speech at the Texas Tribune Festival in Austin. She compared a Trump rally in Ohio where his supporters raised their index fingers in salute to the Roman salutes at rallies in Nazi Germany.

In a recent YouTube video, Brand stated, “Hillary Clinton has called Trump supporters Nazis, but she has declared that she admires that new Italian leader who the left says is a ‘fascist,’ and also, though, aren’t there Nazis fighting for the Ukraine? Is ‘fascist’ just a convenient term to bring down people you don’t agree with?” He added that Clinton and many other left-wing personalities compare their detractors to Nazis to “disparage them rather than having a genuine concern.”

Additionally, Brand said that even though millions of regular people support Trump, those on the political left will try to discredit them by alleging they follow an extreme ideology that resulted in the deaths of millions of people in the 20th century, calling it “a pretty serious allegation.”

He accused leftist political leaders of using Trump as a scapegoat to hide their shortcomings. He explained, “If you want people not to be drawn to what you regard as extremism then present alternatives and options instead of increasing the social tensions, exacerbating existing cultural conflicts, pretending that Trump is worse than he is.”

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