Russian Court Sentences WNBA Star Brittney Griner to Nine Years in Prison

American (and, many say, anti-American) WNBA Phoenix Mercury star Brittney Griner has been convicted in a Russian court of cannabis possession with intent to distribute. According to the New York Post, the court sentenced her to nine years in a “penal colony,” which some believe may be in Siberia.

Griner’s conviction came despite her pleas for mercy, saying she’d “made an honest mistake and I hope that in your ruling, that doesn’t end my life here.” Griner had pleaded guilty, hoping for an acquittal or reduced sentence.

The basketball star’s situation has made many Americans understandably angry. Nine years is obviously an outrageous sentence in relation to the offense (although, in Singapore, the sentence can be death). Many, Americans on the left are upset because they support Griner’s political stances, which they don’t feel should affect the U.S. helping her get justice (had President Trump still been in office, she’d likely be back in the country she disparaged by now or, even more likely, would never have been held in the first place. And the Left knows it).

Conservatives have more of a problem with Griner’s situation. Many are having difficulty feeling sympathy for a woman who’s bought into the radical left’s anti-American agenda.

Back in 2020, reported Outsports, Griner actively joined the WNBA’s protest against the national anthem for “all season.” The Post wrote, “As part of the WNBA’s demonstration against police brutality, the Phoenix Mercury star [Griner] reveals that she won’t be on court for the anthem at any game this year.”

She may have a right to do this, but critics have an equal right to hold her accountable through criticism of her anti-American views.

But it’s not about police brutality, only about what the radical left has redefined as police brutality. This is demonstrably true based on myriad incidents where cops perform as trained, within policy and the law, but because the Left doesn’t like it, they falsely call it “police brutality.”

One thing Griner has going for her, though, when it comes to the Biden admin advocating for her release, is she’s on the right side—or, rather, the left side.

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