San Francisco Mayor Breed Announces Plan to End Homelessness Specifically for Transgender Residents

Mayor London Breed of San Francisco recently announced a proposal to “end transgender homelessness” in San Francisco by 2027. According to The Bay Area Reporter, an LGBTQ news site, the plan would allocate $6.5 million in the proposed budget to tackle homelessness, exclusively for people who identify as transgender. The strategy reportedly focuses on getting the transgender homeless population accommodated fast and “making any instance of homelessness brief and rare.”

A poll conducted in 2021 revealed that San Francisco has about 320 transgender homeless people, compared to 2,800 homeless women and approximately 8,000 total homeless people. Breed announced the plan in a tweet saying, “Today I announced my 5-year plan to end transgender homelessness in San Francisco, which includes investing in programs that support and create real long-term change in the lives of transgender people.” 

The mayor’s initiative to prioritize specific homeless people depending on their gender identification was quickly panned by Twitter users. Michelle Tandler, who describes herself as a moderate liberal and recently went viral for a thread calling out leadership in San Francisco, said, “What happens if someone is homeless and not transgender?” Former UFC fighter Jake Shields asked, “So if I’m homeless and say I’m transgender I get a home but not otherwise? Makes perfect sense.” 

San Francisco’s homeless population has decreased marginally in recent years, but it remains among the top ten cities in the United States with the most homeless people. On Wednesday, the mayor is set to present the new two-year budget, which includes millions of dollars for transgender homelessness. However, the city’s Board of Supervisors could make changes to the proposal before approving or rejecting it on July 1.

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