San Francisco Voters Toss Out Radical Soft-on-Crime DA Chesa Boudin

The New York Times framed Chesa Boudin’s sacking by San Francisco voters during yesterday’s recall vote as “an end to one of the country’s most pioneering experiments in criminal justice reform….”

Perhaps, a better rephrasing would be that the voters corrected a huge George Soros-funded, Marxist mistake. Chesa Boudin, some of whose qualifications on paper may appear glowing, didn’t translate to reality.

Boudin is a Rhodes Scholar, but he also served Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez as a translator. Voters should have seen this as a clue. But, eventually, San Francisco voters found they’d been more enamored with the idea of Boudin than with the reality of Boudin.

So, one of America’s most beautiful cities has paid the price for its “pioneering experiment in criminal justice reform….”

Boudin’s hands-off criminals approach to “criminal justice,” resulted in his trashing the quality of life for San Franciscans. One of the more infamous features of Boudin’s failed stint as DA came in the form of a “poop map” created so residents and tourists could avoid stepping in human feces when taking in the city’s sights.

Sights such as the rampant open-air drug use, increased violence, and smash and grab thefts. According to the SF Gate, Walgreens closed at least 10 stores during Boudin’s destructive reign of ideological destruction because of relentless, unpunished shoplifting, most of which Boudin refused to prosecute.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported, “San Francisco voters overwhelmingly voted to remove District Attorney Chesa Boudin from office on Tuesday, favoring a recall effort that argued his progressive reforms were too lenient and made the city less safe.”

And it wasn’t even close. FOX News reported, “61% of San Francisco voters voting to remove him and only 39% wanting him to stay.”

Observers call this result “compelling that one of the country’s most liberal cities actually ousted the district attorney.”

Many Republican commentators celebrated while Democrats lamented this ousting of a prominent leftist as an omen that a “red wave” will crash down on the Democrats during the upcoming mid-term elections in November.


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