Say What Joe? ‘Barack and I think it’s a right to have badakathcare,’ [VIDEO]

Democratic candidate Joe Biden jumbled up his words again on Saturday during a rally in Michigan as he criticized President Trump’s plans for healthcare.

Sleepy Joe insisted that Trump would take away their protections from pre-existing conditions and destroy the Affordable Care Act… then he lost it.

‘We’re also going to act to protect health care. Trump and the Republicans just jammed through a Supreme Court nominee for one overwhelming reason, as Barack said, the president said, they have been trying with over 50 shots to take out Obamacare, to destroy the Affordable Care Act,’ Biden started.

‘Donald Trump thinks health care is a privilege, Barack and I think it’s a right to have badakathcare,’ he continued.

During a rally last Saturday Biden create another total word salad when he misread ‘true international pressure’ from his teleprompter as ‘truaninonashufodopressure.’