School Board President Resigns After Child Predator Allegations

John Gray resigned from his position as school board president after admitting to traveling across state lines to meet with a young girl.

Gray is the ex-president of the Goshen School Board, in Goshen, Ohio. Gray had exchanged inappropriate text messages with a girl he believed to be 11 years old. He believed he was traveling to Indiana to meet her but instead was met by the adult groups PCI: Predator Catchers Indianapolis and PCM: Predator Catchers Muncie.

Gray told the groups he did not have any intention of having sexual relations with the minor. Grady added that sexual intercourse would not be possible due to his impotence. He claims that he told her, “You’re a minor. We’re not doing any sexual relations.”

Gray admitted that he told the child she had beautiful lips. He also admitted to telling the minor he wanted to give her a bubble bath and massage.

Police arrived at the scene and handcuffed Gray. He was taken to a medical facility for a psychiatric evaluation. It’s unclear if he will face charges.

According to a former prosecutor, Jason Phillabaum, “Indiana can charge him. I think what was interesting is he was arrested that night but then they let him go because I think they’re trying to determine what do we do here. If it were a police officer, no question. Police officers are trained on how not to entrap someone.”

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