SCOOP: LEO Talks Of Philadelphia’s Skyrocketing Murder Rates

The murder rate in Philadelphia is skyrocketing; an anonymous law enforcement official told the Tatum Report exclusively. The information we received stated that the city of Philadelphia “just reached their 300th murder.” The law enforcement officer also said that the city is “on track to hit 600 murders by the end of the year.”

In the town of Philadelphia, the devastation doesn’t end there. According to our source, most of the 300 murder victims are “young kids” and “early adults.” The victims include children like the missing 13-year-old Alezauna Carter (Libby). Libby was found dead in an apartment building with a gunshot wound in the mouth.

The Philadelphia Gun Violence Crisis website, which hasn’t been updated since July 13, says that there has been a 34% increase in homicides since 2020, which saw the highest number of murders since before 2007.

According to the Philadelphia Police Department’s current crime stats, the city saw 499 murders in 2020. Now the city will hit record high murders two years in a row.

The Daily Caller reported that the crime rates in Philadelphia caught the eye of the Philadelphia Weekly, a local publication. According to the report, the Philadelphia Weekly’s page encouraged patrons to “guess the murders, win a prize.”

The contest, which took place in May, reportedly “encouraged readers to guess what the murder rate might be by the time the city elects a new district attorney on November 2.”

Philadelphia’s weekly publication feels desensitized to murder to the point that it feels it is appropriate to say, “We’ll keep track of all the entries and send the winner (whoever comes closest to the right number) some sweet swag.”

In addition to Alezuna Carter, a Fox report details a murder spree that happened over a weekend in February. Police reported that a 15-year-old boy and a woman were shot dead, as well as a couple who were shot in a bedroom of their home. When the police arrived, their five-year-old child was reportedly found by police lying in bed with one of her parents. The child was unharmed.

The Victims Compensation Assistance Program is one of the Philadelphia Police Department’s services for victims who suffer physical injuries or psychological trauma during the crime.

The Philadelphia PD’s website explained that the financial assistance “is designed to help combat the financial hardships that stem from medical expenses of loss of income.”


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