SCOTUS Attempted Murder, Pregnancy Centers Firebombed, But the Right Are the Insurrectionists?

While a pretend House committee searches for a pretend insurrection, the left’s various militias continue their actual insurrection, attempting to intimidate the U.S. Supreme Court.

Besides illegally demonstrating at justices’ homes, other factions are busy firebombing facilities run by people whose sole purpose is to help young pregnant women. What kind of a death cult must you belong to not only support abortion but also oppose healthcare for pregnant women?

Before, you could be “pro-choice” but not oppose people helping pregnant women. Now, to affect a SCOTUS opinion and scare women away from pregnancy centers by rendering them inoperable, these death cult terrorists are targeting pregnancy centers for destruction.

This past weekend, as National Review reported, “pro-abortion terrorists fire-bombed a pregnancy center in Gresham, Ore., that offers maternal care and information to expecting mothers.” Luke Cirillo, CEO of the Pregnancy Resource Center, was happy no one was injured but added, “there was extensive…” fire, smoke, and water damage.

Pro-life activist Lila Rose took to Twitter and noted, “Imagine if this had been an abortion clinic. It would be headline news. But because it’s a pro-life center, media & the Biden admin ignore.” Has AG Merrick Garland activated the DOJ/FBI to investigate?

Live Action posted several photos of the extensive damage to the Oregon center. They wrote, “This latest incident by pro-abortion terrorists follows a litany of violent threats, vandalism, arsons and even an assignation [sic] attempt aimed at pro-life groups or individuals.”

Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh was recently targeted for assassination by a leftist anti-gun/pro-abortion lunatic. He was charged with attempted murder. The “media & Biden admin [virtually] ignore[d]” this story, too.

It’s the second Oregon pro-life group “targeted for arson since the Supreme Court opinion was leaked.”

Pro-abortion terrorists have also attacked other pregnancy centers across, including in Wisconsin, Florida, and New York. Reportedly, investigators have found “Jane’s Revenge,” and “‘If abortions aren’t safe, then neither are you,’ as well as the ‘anarchy’ symbol,” spray-painted on some of the centers.

If this seems eerily familiar to the behavior of insurrectionist groups like Antifa, refer to the “DC Antifascist Action Twitter page.” [emphasis added]

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