Seattle Prosecutor Has to Ask Judges for Permission to Prosecute Criminals

According to FOX Q13 News, Seattle’s new Republican City Attorney Ann Davison had to make a “formal request” to the city’s seven Municipal Court judges for permission to prosecute repeat offenders. Let that sink in.

The recently defunct city attorney, Democrat Pete Holmes, who served over a decade as a de facto public defender didn’t ask; he agreed with the non-prosecution policy. Back in 2013, a Seattle police chief personally handed Holmes a file containing over two dozen repeat offenders to prosecute. Holmes flatly refused.

Seattle voters, fed up with leftist politics and its associated increasing crime, showed their frustration when they elected a Republican to office. That is jaw-dropping in Seattle.

Asking permission to prosecute criminals is absurd, but a possible sign of some sanity returning is the judges said, “Yes.”

The judges agreed “to exclude chronic offenders with multiple misdemeanor arrests from participating in a community court that seeks to release people from custody and connect them with services instead of sending them to jail.”

Davison has tagged 118 individuals “responsible for more than 2,400 criminal cases over the past five years….” She said each suspect was responsible for “12 or more referrals from the Seattle police to the city attorney’s office [Pete Holmes]. The crimes included assault, illegal use of weapons, trespassing, and theft.

Each of those 2,400 crimes had a flesh and blood victim attached to it, but Holmes was only concerned with the suspect’s welfare, not the victim’s.

This lunacy started with a ludicrous agreement made in 2020 among leaders in the criminal justice system: prosecutors, public defenders, and judges that shielded criminals from taking responsibility for their crimes.

One thing that shows Davison is on the right track is the radical lead King County Public Defender Anita Khandelwal, a former Soros Justice Advocacy Fellow, doesn’t like it. She unsurprisingly says Davison’s pro-law and order initiative will, among other things, resume “racial disproportionality and continued cycling of individuals through a system that is harmful, expensive and ineffective.”

Yet, following Khandelwal’s, and other leftist King County and Seattle officials’ recommendations has only intensified an already appalling crime crisis and established a virtually useless criminal justice system.

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