Seattle’s Historic Pike Place Market Mocked Over Juneteenth Virtue Signal

Well, it is Seattle after all.

To celebrate (virtue signal) a new national holiday, Juneteenth, which doesn’t specifically represent what most people think it recognizes (emancipation of the slaves), officials at Seattle’s venerable Pike Place Market (PPM) (fish throwers), instead made a fool of themselves by attempting to honor avowed Marxists BLM.

KVI 570 Radio host Ari Hoffman explained the Market triggered online mockery when it tweeted, “Today is Juneteenth. In recognition of its significance, we are dimming the lights of our Public Market Center Clock & Sign to show only BLM.”

Aside from the overt virtue signaling, the mockery came because, when observed absent the context, the sign appears to read, “MBL.”

While Abraham Lincoln’s freeing of the slaves should have been a national holiday from his issuing of the Emancipation Proclamation, the far-left’s holiday-jacking of this historic event has stolen from half the country what should be a solemn occasion for the entire country.

TTR founder Brandon Tatum had some choice words for Juneteenth as a national holiday. Tatum said, “I don’t celebrate Juneteenth. And, to be honest, I don’t think it should be a federal holiday.” Although, unlike BLM and other leftist radicals, Tatum says he’s not about to demonstrate or discourage others from celebrating the holiday.

Primarily, he’s bothered by the inaccuracy of what people think Juneteenth represents. The date of the Emancipation Proclamation (Jan. 1, 1863) or, perhaps, of the passage of the 13th Amendment (Dec. 6, 1865) would better represent the intent of the holiday more accurately. Tatum says, “maybe a… state holiday… but to make Juneteenth a national holiday… is a virtue signal.”

Some might argue most slaves still weren’t free after the Proclamation, but neither were all Americans after the Declaration in 1776. But that’s the date all Americans celebrate because it represents all Americans, as does Emancipation in 1863.

Emancipation deserves a federal holiday, but it should be inclusive, not divisive as Joe Biden and the Democrats wanted. By enshrining Juneteenth, specifically, as “Emancipation Day,” Democrats intended it to be a virtue signal rather than a thoughtful honoring of a sacred event all Americans could honor.

If July 4, 1776, was America’s baptism, Jan. 1, 1863, was its confirmation.

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