Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse Targeting Justice Clarence Thomas’ Wife Over Jan. 6th

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) is not a likable person. His attacks on Brett Kavanaugh during his SCOTUS nomination hearings showed that. But, then again, what Democrat leader is likable, these days. As has been repeated, but is too true not to keep saying it, these are not your grandparents’ Democrats.

William A. Jacobson wrote at Legal Insurrection, “Sheldon Whitehouse… has been on a mission to take down the Supreme Court because he doesn’t like the conservative majority.”

Like too many Democrats, he doesn’t like the American system of limited government and individual liberty the founders created. He wants something else—something opposite.

Jacobson also wrote, “Whitehouse embarrassed himself during the Kavanaugh hearings with intense cross-examination of Kavanaugh’s high school entries — lacking any self-awareness that people were laughing at him not with him. Read it for a good laugh.”

At least, not as a defense against Whitehouse’s sleaze but as a matter of fact, Kavanaugh was the specific individual vying for the position. This time, Whitehouse has put a U.S. Supreme Court justice’s wife, Ginni Thomas, in his crosshairs.

The days when an official’s family was off-limits are long over. Whitehouse wants to increase the intensity of the Democrats’ fictional Jan. 6th “insurrection” gaslighting by including Mrs. Thomas, who dares to have a life and a political opinion of her own, separate from her husband’s views.

Jacobson noted a comment about Whitehouse by Prof. Jonathan Turley, quoting from an Oscar Wilde work. A book character discerns, “I have never met any really wicked person before… I am so afraid he will look just like everyone else.”

Turley said he was reminded of the quote when he heard that “Whitehouse… demanded an investigation of Ginni Thomas.”

Absurdly, Whitehouse compared Ginni Thomas’ actions equivalent to whoever leaked Justice Alito’s “abortion opinion.”

About testifying before the committee, Ginni Thomas told the Daily Caller, “I can’t wait to clear up misconceptions. I look forward to talking to them.”

It’s class vs. wicked.

Whitehouse, according to MSNBC, also wants SCOTUS to investigate Justice Clarence Thomas for his “Jan. 6 votes.”

And the kangaroo court keeps hopping along.

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