Sen. Ted Cruz Strikes Back At Democrats’ “Power Grab”

Marmee Rooke

Texas Senator Ted Cruz earned his taxpayer-funded salary yesterday and then some. The Republican firebrand foreshadowed his Tuesday battle with Democrats on Hannity Monday night, where he vowed to fight against “the most dangerous piece of legislation before the United States Congress” this session.

He did just that Tuesday when addressing the Democrat power grab, also known as H.R. 1 in the House, S.R. 1 in the Senate, and affectionately by Republicans as “The Corrupt Politicians Act.” Republicans claim that the election reform bill is the Democrats’ attempt at federalizing local elections.

Cruz said, “The number one priority of Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi is to stay in power for 100 years and to steal the rights of the voters to vote them out. I am leading the fight against this.”

Cruz spent 8 hours fighting this bill in the Senate Rules Committee yesterday, attempting to add amendment after amendment to protect the right to a free and fair election.


Sen. Cruz argued the bill would register millions of illegal aliens to vote, register mass numbers of criminals and felons to vote, and strikes down voter integrity laws adopted at the state level.

Cruz focuses on the Democrat talking point that voter I.D. laws are somehow a racist act against black Americans. Democrats argue that requiring an I.D. to vote is systematically disenfranchising black voters. “Voter I.D. laws,” Sen. Cruz exclaims, “Over 70% of Americans support voter I.D. laws. By the way, over 60% of African Americans in this country support voter I.D. laws.”

This bill would make it illegal for the 29 states that currently have laws requiring a valid I.D. to vote to continue. It would also make it illegal for the 31 states to continue enforcing their anti-ballot harvesting laws.

“31 states prohibit ballot harvest. Why,” Sen. Cruz asks? “Because it is a corrupt practice where paid operatives handle the ballots of someone else, and it has repeatedly led to instances of stealing votes.”

Senator Cruz didn’t hold back when it came to the planned taxpayer-funded campaign donations via what he calls the “Welfare for Politicians” portion of the act, which grants a 6-1 match of campaign donations taxpayer money.


“This bill, in addition to being the “Corrupt Politicians Act” is also the “Welfare for Politicians act. It creates a matching program for politicians, not just an even matching program but a 6-1 matching program of federal funds flooding into federal elections,” said Cruz.


Welfare for Politicians Act in matching taxpayer dollars:

Klobuchar: $6.9 million                Schumer: Over $1 million

Merkley: Over $1.1 million           Ossoff: $11,400,000

“Now, one can understand why Senator Ossoff would support something that would give his campaign $11,400,000, but I would note,” Cruz states, “that I would receive under your bill $24,000,000. I ask my Democratic colleagues “why on Earth do you want to give my campaign $24 million?”

At one point, Sen. Cruz argued for an amendment that would require states to prove citizenship before being allowed to be on the state’s official voter roll. Sen. Merkley asked Cruz if there was documentation to enter into the record that would show the disastrous effects when states have automatic voter registration laws.


In true Sen. Cruz’s style, he referred him back to the text of the “Corrupt Politicians Act,” which Sen. Merkley had a direct hand in writing. “I’m going to refer to the text of the bill, which makes absolutely clear that the effect of this is to register millions of illegal immigrants. And, there would be no purpose for the [bill to grant immunity to state officials for registering illegal immigrants] if it were not the case that that is exactly what this bill is intended to do.”

As the committee hearing went on, it was evident that the Democrats weren’t interested in bipartisan election reform that would leave American voters feeling secure in our most valuable institution. Instead, Sen. Cruz said the Democrats voted no on almost everything. Cruz tweeted, “So far, every single Senate Democrat on the Rules Committee voted against every Republican amendment that was offered. Their intentions are clear: they are going to do whatever it takes to stay in power.”


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