Senate Bill Introduced to Prevent Chinese Purchase of U.S. Land

Republican Senators Tom Cotton, of Arkansas, and Tommy Tuberville, of Alabama introduced a bill last week aimed at preventing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) from purchasing American land.

The Blaze reports China’s total ownership of land across The United States amounts to 352,140 acres, including a plot in North Dakota just 20 minutes from the Grand Forks Air Force base.

“Chinese investments in American farmland put our food security at risk and provide opportunities for Chinese espionage against our military bases and critical infrastructure,” Senator Cotton commented in reference to the bill.

Approximately 14 states have various foreign land ownership restrictions, but none are in place at the federal level.

“We cannot continue giving our top adversary a foot in the door to purchase land in the United States and undermine our national security,” Tuberville echoed.

America’s “top adversary” which has more recently referred to the United States as “the biggest threat to world peace, stability, and development” buying up American real estate and land by the billions of dollars, what could go wrong?

Perhaps instead of an outright attack against The United States, a military superpower, the CCP would rather take the sneak approach by infiltrating from within.

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