Senior Living Facility Rent Suddenly Increases by $1,000 per Month

Inflation has affected everyone and one California retirement community is hiking its rates to compensate — $1,000 per month more.

Paradise Village in National City is jacking up the monthly rate to offset the rising cost of labor, food and supplies. Every resident’s rent is increasing by $100 while couples must also pay an additional hefty fee of $1,000.

Yvonne Collins’ mother and stepfather are residents of the community. She couldn’t believe what she heard:

“My mom was like, ‘The rent’s going to go up $1,000’ – and I’m like, ‘That has to be a mistake.’ Nobody does that. Then I took a look at the newsletter – and sure enough, it was true.”

The $1,000 is considered a fee and not rent, so the facility justifies its actions because it’s legal.

Collins’ parents have lived in the community for a year and are concerned they may have to move. 

She told Fox5:

“I’m livid. I cannot believe someone would do this. My mom and her husband are 85 years old, on a fixed income. Most of the people in there are between 80 — I’ve met people who are 95. They’re not going to go get a second job. There’s no way for them to increase their income when they’ve governed themselves on a certain budget.”

The changes take effect starting in October.

She continued:

“That is asinine. Even the people who have been there two months are now going to have an increase of $1,000? What is their choice? To move, to go through the expense of moving? I’m very upset and appalled that anybody could do this to the elderly – or anyone.”

Paradise Village is located at 2700 East 4th Street in National City. states that rent starts at $2,800 a month for assisted living and $3,640 a month for independent living.

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