SHOCKING: Reps Gohmert, MTG, Gosar and Gaetz Finally Accessed January 6 Defendants In DC Jails

Americans accused of attending the “Save America” rally in DC on January 6 have arguably been treated worse than the man responsible for the Boston bombing. The media, FBI, and Biden’s DOJ have systematically hunted down every grandmother, mother, and son who participated in making their voices heard. Most of these Americans are locked in solitary confinement where, until yesterday, November 4, no one outside the DC jail had been granted access.

On the morning of November 4, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene announced, she and Rep. Gohmert hand-delivered a letter to Mayor Bowser. The letter, also signed by Reps Gosar and Gaetz, demanded their authority — to have oversight and transparency of the DC jail where the defendants are being housed – be recognized. They wanted access to the January 6 defendants.

From the Congressional Letter:

“We write to express our continued frustration with your office’s repeated denial of access to the D.C. Central Treatment (CTF) and Central Detention (CDF) facilities located at 1901 D St SE. As duly elected Members of Congress tasked with funding, oversight, and authority over the District, we find no justifiable reason that would prevent us from inspecting these facilities.”

Representative MTG details what they found last night after the group was allowed inside the jail for a tour in a Twitter thread. MTG said her staff is currently writing a full report about the conditions of the DC jail but that some details needed to be exposed before the piece is finished.

“I’ve never seen human suffering like I witnessed last night. While some were shown to us in seemingly beneficial programs, others were in tortuous lockdown. Some inmates were receiving continuing education classes; others were truly suffering from long stays in solitary confinement for “bad behavior.” I’ll never forget hearing their screams. This was in a different part of the jail, not the J6 part. Being alone surely is hell,” wrote Rep. MTG.

The Georgia Representative claimed that after touring the jail where regular prisoners were housed, she said it was evident the tour would be skipping the section of the jail housing the January 6 prisoners. When she asked the jail officials if they would be taking her over to see the January 6 prisoners, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene claimed she was told the January 6 ward was not permitted on her tour.

“I demanded to see them and would have gone scorched earth if I was not allowed and was making it known,” said Rep. MTG. “Phone calls were made, and permission was given. We then were taken to another section of the jail and entered the Patriot wing.”

Greene said the men housed there were shocked to see her standing in front of them. She said, “it was like walking into a prisoner of war camp” and described the men as “suffering greatly” with “eyes [that] can’t believe someone had made it in to see them.”

The Congresswoman wrote that the January 6 defendants have “virtually no medical care, very poor food quality, and being put through re-education” programs which she said “most of [the defendants] are rejecting.”

Green said more details on the shocking conditions for the regular prisoners and the January 6 defendants would be made available as soon as the report is written.

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