Sinkhole Nearly 700 Feet Deep Appears in Chile

A massive sinkhole almost 700 feet deep spontaneously appeared in Chile on Saturday.

It is located on land mined by Lundin Mining, a Canadian company, which is about 665 km (413 miles) north of the capital, Santiago. Chilean authorities estimate the hole is about 82 feet in diameter.

The closest residential homes are more than 600m (1,969 feet) away.

David Montenegro, the director of the national service of geology and mining company Sernageomin, said:

“There is a considerable distance, approximately 200 meters (656ft), to the bottom. We haven’t detected any material down there, but we have seen the presence of a lot of water.”

The sinkhole is located near the entrance to the work site of the Alcaparrosa mine. Lundin Mining owns the Minera Ojos del Salado operations that are working in the area and 80% of the property. The rest of the property is owned by Japan’s Sumitomo Corporation.

According to a press release, the sinkhole “is continuously monitored and no movement has been detected related to the surficial sinkhole” and that “there has been no impact to personnel, equipment or infrastructure.”

Developmental work in the area has been halted for now.

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