Soros and Other Left Wing Organizations Made Big Donations to Defeat Prop A in Austin, Texas

Liberal activists, super PACs, and unions, some from outside of Texas, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to defeat an Austin ballot measure that would have increased the number of police officers on the streets. The city continues to be ravaged by the highest number of homicides in history. Prop A would have compelled Austin to recruit at least two police officers per 1,000 inhabitants and boost officer training. The measure on Tuesday night after the progressive Equity PAC received large donations from far-leftists.

Fox News reports that of the $1.2 million in the Equity PAC accounts, $500,000 came from left-wing mega-donor George Soros. The billionaire spent millions around the country promoting district attorneys and ballot measures that are soft on prosecuting crimes and sentence minimums through his Open Society Foundation. Soros-linked organization, the Fairness Project, donated $200,000 to defeat the measure. Other major leftist groups backed Equity PAC’s attempts to block the Austin Police Department from recruiting more cops during a serious staffing shortage and a spike in crime.

The 1630 Fund, a leftist advocacy group, once characterized by Politico as a “massive dark money network,” contributed $100,000 into the campaign to prevent greater police employment and spending. Several unions, including the City of Austin Employees Association, campaigned against Prop A and donated $25,000.

The Texas American Federation of Teachers made a $10,000 donation to the anti-Prop A campaign. Education Austin PAC made a $5,000 donation, and the  American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) union donated $25,000. The Austin EMS workers union and the Austin Firefighters Association PAC also helped in the effort to defeat Prop A.

Additionally, A $100,000 donation from the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Philanthropies, the American Civil Liberties Union contributed $5,000, and the Voter PAC contributed $10,000.

Due to staffing shortages, which were compounded by the city’s decision to partially defund the department last year, officers have failed to respond to some non-emergency calls, forcing many citizens to fend for themselves. The Austin Police Department revealed in the week leading up to the election that the city has suffered its 75th homicide of 2021, the highest number since police began collecting the statistic in 1960.

Since then, the total has climbed to 77. The previous high was 59.

An armed robbery at a pharmacy and a shooting at a grocery store occurred on the same morning the weekend before the election. A suspect in the grocery shop shooting has been apprehended, but it reportedly took officers an hour to arrive at the pharmacy.

After Prop A was defeated, Joe Gamaldi, the National VP of the Fraternal Order of Police, spoke to Fox News and warned that police “morale is in the tank.” He also denounced the left’s campaign to defund the police and highlighted the significance of investing in law enforcement.

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