Soros-Backed Loudoun County Attorney Removed from Case of Father of High School Rape Victim

Buta Biberaj, the liberal and George Soros-backed county attorney for Loudoun in Virginia, has been removed from a case under appeal due to “concerns” about “impartiality.” The case involves the father who was speaking out during a school board meeting last year when he was detained.

The father in question, Scott Smith, made headlines last year after his daughter was raped in the school bathroom, and the superintendent was accused of covering it up. The perpetrator was found guilty earlier this year, despite his mother attempting to blame the rape on the victim.

Smith told Fox Digital:

“From the beginning, Ms. Biberaj has sought to make an example of me for simply standing up to defend my daughter at the now infamous Loudoun County School Board meeting. Buta Biberaj has demonstrated a bias against me throughout the court proceedings, and she has continued to fan the flames of those who would label parents like me who stand in protection of their kids against dangerous school policies as being ‘domestic terrorists.’”

Following the now infamous school board meeting, Smith was detained and found guilty of two misdemeanors: disruptive behavior and obstruction of justice. Circuit Court Judge James Plowman rejected Smith’s obstruction of justice charge, and Smith is currently attempting to appeal the disorderly conduct charge.

Judge Plowman wrote:

“The concerns about the public confidence in the integrity of the prosecution as well as the Defendant’s concerns regarding the impartiality of the Commonwealth’s Attorney are sufficiently grounded. As a result, the integrity of the Defendant’s due process rights is in jeopardy and must be protected.”

Getting the Soros-backed attorney off the case is a huge win. Stafford County Commonwealth’s Attorney Eric Olsen will now handle the disorderly conduct count appeal.

Biberaj’s office is no stranger to being removed from cases by Plowman. In June, he removed the Loudoun Commonwealth’s Attorney Office from a serial burglary case for “deliberately misleading the Court and the public.”

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