Soros-Funded Group Secretly Stirring the Democrat Administration’s Cauldron

The left is running around like the proverbial chicken with its head cut off over Elon Musk snatching up Twitter. It appears they don’t want to play nice with one billionaire (who supports free speech), but they don’t mind at all playing nice with other billionaires (who don’t support free speech—or any of our natural rights).

Elon Musk successfully purchased Twitter and promises to fulfill the potential of the social media giant as a free speech platform. The left, including Biden administration, is seething. They had no problem when Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post, but they don’t mind when the billionaire has a “D” next to his voting preference.

And, as FOX News recently learned, the Dems also don’t seem to mind when another billionaire influences politics if his name is George Soros.

That’s why, while complaining about Elon Musk’s imminent influence on politics, Biden’s White House has apparently been colluding with a Soros-funded group, Governing for Impact (GFI) to implement U.S. policy affecting a variety of issues.

According to FOX News, internal memos show the group has bragged about “implementing more than 20 of its regulatory agenda items…” working “to reverse Trump-era deregulations….” The group has focused on labor, housing, health care, the environment, and education.

Tom Perriello, director of Soros’ infamous and ironically named, Open Society Foundations, said, “Open Society is proud to support Governing for Impact’s efforts to protect American workers, consumers, patients, students and the environment through policy reform.”

FOX News contributor Katie Pavlich spoke about “the left’s ‘deeply held ideology’ to avoid incarceration as a model of criminal justice.” She pointed out some of the “soft on crime” prosecutors strewn across the country funded by George Soros: Kim Foxx (Chicago), Larry Krasner (Philadelphia), George Gascon (Los Angeles), Chesa Boudin (San Francisco), and Alvin Bragg (New York).

For example, Pavlich noted Soros gave Foxx $300,000 for her election and $1 million for her reelection. And these massive donations are for local elections. But she doesn’t want people to write off these social justice prosecutors to incompetence. She said, “this isn’t just about incompetence, this is a deeply held ideology that you’ve seen implemented.”

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