Soviet-Styled Jan. 6th Committee Short on Evidence Long on Propaganda

During last Thursday’s show-trial, the soviet-styled Jan. 6th Committee, created to “investigate” we-hate-Donald-Trump, didn’t even mention Ashli Babbitt’s gruesome death—the only death directly attributed to Jan. 6th. This alone reveals volumes about the legitimacy of the actual Big Lie.

As Brandon Tatum has been telling his listeners on The Officer Tatum Show, her shooting makes no sense. And he’s been saying so since 2021.

Revolver News notes Americans are victims of “some of the most highly politicized propaganda we’ve ever seen in this country.” Democrats, swampy Republicans, and their media allies are using a barely-there (compared with many hundreds of Antifa/BLM riots), undulating riot/civil disobedience that lasted a few hours, for two reasons.

One: prevent President Donald Trump from running for President again.

Two: deflect attention from Joe Biden’s colossal, unprecedented disasters.

Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG) is also “on a mission to get the truth out about what really happened on January 6th at the US Capitol.” Part of this mission included her interview with independent journalist Tayler Hansen on her podcast.

Revolver says Hansen, who was at the Capitol that day, “can prove… The entire committee and hearings are a political sham.”

Remarkably, “the committee” didn’t contact Hansen to review his “hours of incredible footage…,” including the “murder of Ashli Babbitt.” Why? Hansen says, “Because it doesn’t suit their ‘insurrection narrative.’” Incredibly, the Republicans on the committee, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger are going along with this sham?

According to Ashli’s husband Aaron Babbitt, on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Adam Kinzinger gave $200 to a Go-Fund-Me account for Michael Byrd. Byrd is the Capitol cop who shot and killed Ashli. Hansen corroborates Kinzinger’s donation in another must-watch interview.

MTG asked Hansen if the committee had asked him to testify? Hansen told her, “No, ma’am. Not at all.”

Hansen told MTG about Antifa misdirecting supporters at Trump rallies only to “pick them off one by one and attack them….” Hansen said his original intent was to cover this aspect of the Trump rally.

He ended up covering a whole lot more. Not that the January 6th Committee is the least bit interested.

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