State of Emergency Declared After “Celebrities” Depart Twitter Following Musk Takeover

Elon Musk, new Twitter owner

Some celebrities overestimate their impact on pop, political, and social culture—a lot

You’ve heard all the leftist Hollywood types, during past elections, “warning” they’re moving to Diego Garcia (look it up) if a Republican manages to win an election in Democrat-dominated election systems. What are Americans to think of that? So, what comes to mind? Good riddance is another thought.

So, perhaps Harmeet Dhillon’s quip on Twitter frames it best when, about smug celebrities leaving the Twittersphere, she posted, “This impacts my life in no way,” with a link to an NBC News story, which apparently warrants more coverage than something like Hunter Biden Chinese corruption or an attempted assassination of a Supreme Court justice.

Harmeet Dhillon with President Donald Trump

Luminaries like “Tea Leoni, Shonda Rhimes, Alex Winter [who?], and Sara Bareilles [who?] are among the celebrities who say they plan to quit Twitter now that it is owned by the mogul Elon Musk.”

Tea Leoni, actress

There are unconfirmed reports from across the nation that conservative/libertarian Republicans are desperately searching for safe spaces to hold primal scream therapy sessions. 

A man who identified himself as the most conservative person in the most conservative city in America, reportedly Lafayette, Louisiana, purportedly said, “Alex Winter (whoever that is) left Twitter, now, I have no reason to live,” just before his slurp of beer was thwarted by an involuntary belly laugh. 

Come on, man. No one cares that you’re leaving Twitter (except to support your departure), and it’s weird that you’d think Americans would care. Who do you think you are? comes to mind. 

Apparently, the celebrities cannot tolerate Musk being a “free speech absolutist.” Think about that. These celebrities are not leaving because Musk is threatening their speech but because Musk is restoring other people’s speech with which they disagree. 

Again, that’s weird—especially in America.

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