Study Shows Americans’ IQ Declining for First Time in Nearly a Century

A recent study published in the psychology journal Intelligence suggests that Americans’ average IQ is declining, particularly among young people between 18 and 22. The study looked at IQ scores from 2006 to 2018 and found that this period marks the first time in almost a century that the average IQ has decreased. The study’s authors suggest that this decline could be due to poor-quality education.

The findings are especially concerning as many schools nationwide are eliminating honors curricula in the name of equity and inclusion. For example, the Culver City School District in Los Angeles has faced backlash from parents of honors students who lost opportunities to enroll in accelerated programs. Many worry that the focus on equity may result in declining academic standards, further exacerbating the IQ decline.

Some universities have also lowered their admission standards by removing entrance exam requirements. While these changes are meant to address biases in the admissions process, plaintiffs in an Asian discrimination case against Harvard argue that emphasizing objective measures like exam scores could help eliminate subjective biases such as “likability.”

Additionally, the study’s findings suggest that there may be a shift in the perceived value of specific cognitive skills, which could have significant implications for the future of education and the workforce.

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