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Surprising War Breaks Out in Virginia Town

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Riiver Nihil

A war has broken out in the small Virginia town of Christiansburg. It started between two parties and has escalated to include nearly the entire town. No one is safe.

Attacks are flying, and over 30,000 people have joined a Facebook group to keep up on the action. Mainstream media isn’t covering this story, likely because of the reason the war began in the first place — FUN.

That’s right, Christiansburg businesses have started a war based on fun. What kind of war? A Sign War!

The idea was sparked in the mind of Bridge Kaldo Music’s guitar and drum teacher, Jim Bohon. He thought it would be fun to start some playful banter via outdoor signage with their business neighbors across the street, Super Shoes.

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“Hey Super Shoes, Wanna Start a Sign War?” the initial Bridge Kaldo Music sign said to start the war.

It took a few days for Super Shoes to respond, and Bohon was a bit disappointed at first. He thought they may not respond due to corporate limitations. “It was just kind of on a whim,” Bohon said. “I put it up one day, three or four days went by and they didn’t respond. I kind of thought maybe their corporate wouldn’t allow them to do it, but they put it up one day, and as soon as I left work that day, I got on my phone and I was starting the attack and so from Facebook. The next day it just went crazy.”

Super Shoes response? “Hey Bridge Kaldro! Our shoe strings are stronger than your guitar strings.”

Little did he know that it would quickly escalate into a town-wide epidemic! Fellow businesses quickly jumped on board to be part of the action and it is truly uproarious.

Local radio station Cool 106.3 made a post containing many of the hilarious signs seen throughout the sign war.

“Your shoestrings never got anyone a date,” the music store fired back.

Not to be outdone, Super Shoes replied, “Keep your play dates, we specialize in solemates.”

This prompted their neighbor, Kabuki Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi to join in on the fun, “Super Shoes and Bridge Kaldro, shoes and strings help get the date but we seal the deal.”

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It spread like wildfire as a salon, a library, a church, and even the local sign shop, just to name a few, decided to participate in the sign war.

Perhaps the “winner” is the local Hampton Inn, “Songs, shoes & sushi are worth the fuss but at the end of the day they sleep with us!”

Though the library makes a hard bid for first place with their sign, “We tried to find time to join the Cburg sign war but we are fully booked.”

The sign war is ongoing. “Now I feel like they need to have a jab maybe here or there and some of the other places that are around because I want to make sure that they stay involved as well and they feel connected to [the sign war],” Bohon said.

Visit the official Facebook group to keep up-to-date with this small Virginia town sign war.

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