Suspect in Mass Casualty Vehicle Crash into LA Sheriff’s Recruits Arrested

LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva

Before charges of attempted murder on a peace officer were considered against a suspect for allegedly intentionally driving a vehicle into a group of 75 law enforcement recruits on a training run, injuring 25 of them, some gravely, including amputations, recruits reported they heard the driver accelerate before impact. 

According to FOX 4 Now, “Authorities have arrested a 22-year-old driver on suspicion of attempted murder for allegedly plowing his vehicle into Los Angeles County sheriff’s academy recruits on a training run, injuring more than two dozen people.” Additional charges are pending. 

Don’t discount the radical leftist anti-cop vitriol spewing especially over the past few years. While the suspect, if guilty, is responsible for his actions, the hate against police officers and the police brutality myth absent evidence may help turn thoughts into actions for susceptible people. The anti-police left is responsible for that.

ACAB All Cops Are Bastards

The academy staff did everything right to protect their recruits from road hazards. But no one can protect against every possibility, especially if it involves criminal actions. FOX also reported the Sheriff’s Department said the recruits, who were in a tight military formation, “were wearing white T-shirts and green shorts, and accompanied by two black-and-white radio cars and eight road guards donning reflective vests as a safety precaution.”


The Daily Mail reported that in the video, “a Honda SUV suddenly appears and slams right into the group of recruits with no clear indication of attempting to slow down.”

LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said, “It looked like an airplane wreck, there were so many bodies scattered everywhere.”

Reportedly, the suspect had a negative BAC for alcohol but allegedly had marijuana in his car.

The Sheriff’s investigators expect to present their case to the LA County district attorney’s office on Friday. Unfortunately, the Soros-funded DA George Gascón still occupies that office, which is never good for cops. So, it’s anyone’s guess how he’ll handle the prosecution. 

It’s already not looking good, as the New York Post is now reporting the suspect has been released from jail due to an “insufficient complaint.”


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