Swedish Scientist Develops Vaccine Passport Microchip

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There are many reasons one might want to apologize to their conspiracy theorist friends, and one more has just been added to the list.

A Swedish scientist has created an under-the-skin microchip specifically to store one’s Covid vaccine passport.

The South China Morning Post tweeted a video that revealed the beginning of what seems like an episode of the Twilight Zone. But in reality, it’s a minute and 38 seconds of our worst nightmare.

Purportedly, the procedure is entirely reversible. Utilizing near-field communication (NFC), it can send data to any compatible device. Like a cell phone.

The technology was already being developed and was diverted from its original purpose to suit vaccine passports.

The video boasts that Epicenter, a Stockholm-based company, has worked on human-compatible technology for years. 

In fact, their employees can choose to get a microchip for company purposes. They even throw parties when someone gets their implant.

That’s right. Employees get a party when they opt into the dystopian future. 

Once fitted, employees can use their microchips for door access and buy smoothies. This has been happening since at least 2017.

Hannes Sjoblad, Epicenter’s chief disruption officer, said:

“Implants are a very versatile technology that can be used for many different things. And right now, it’s very convenient to have a COVID passport always accessible on your implant.”

The video attempts to normalize this by stating that the technology isn’t new and has “grown popular” in the last decade. It goes so far as to say that a man named Kevin Warwick was the first to take the plunge and get an implant in 1998. 

Nowhere in the video does it claim to be safe. 

The video creates more questions than it answers: What happened to Kevin after he got the implant? What are the long-term effects of being exposed to those frequencies? What’s to stop it from being used as a GPS tracker?

The chip isn’t available for purchase yet, but the technology has already made its way to the United States.

A Wisconsin based company, Three Square Market (32M), announced its plans to microchip its employees for similar “privileges” in late July 2017.

Twitter users have already commented about Alex Jones being right, Ian Miles Cheong saying it’s “worse than a Black Mirror episode.”

Another user pointed out a Bible quote.

While someone else thought it was a waste of technology.

There are no signs of this becoming mandatory, but one thing is certain: we need to stand up for our rights if we wish to keep them.

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  1. Hike it says in the video, this is nothing new and these chips, about the size of a long grain of rice, have been around since 1985 in the US. The first Dogs started to get micro chipped about 1988 or 89. There has been talk about tattoo bar coding and implanting chips in humans going back to about the mid 1970’s and going to a money-less society and having a permanent readable ID. In the 1990’s there was talk about implanting criminals and sex offenders with these chips, but civil liberties union fought it and the courts ruled a gains it. Now that some fools have done it and some organizations have been pushing that this is a cool thing to the young, just like they did with the tattoo’s in the late 1980’s and through the 90’s, this chipping has started to become acceptable and will soon be the cool thing for the kids to do. They are all falling for a very foolish thing that will lead to big trouble and forced compliance to be chip implanted.
    These things always start out as an innocent thing touted as convenience, necessary or just a cool thing to do. They get the Hollywood or sports stars start to start it off with the younger adults and children. (Young adults today are mostly adult children anyway) As it becomes popular then it become mandatory for everyone to have it. Much like the cell phones today. They have gotten to the point that if you do not have one, you can’t access some sites or do thing on those sites without a cell phone. There are sites now like twitter and rumble for example, that you cannot complete your verification without a text code they will only send to cell phones through the SMS program or system.
    Once most of the population is hooked on it and it has become the major way people and businesses are using it to contact, talk, post ideas or do business, that is when they have you and start demanding you do things their way, obey their draconian vague rules that change on a whim without notice or they cut you off. And it is easy for them to do because they can hide behind the “Privately Owned Business or Propitiatory Program” nonsense after they build themselves as a public access platform. If they don’t like you, your politics, something you said, group you belong too, don’t subscribe to their views, are a free thinker and much more, they can cut you off and you have no recourse to reinstate yourself to use their service that has become necessary to do things with. Until you can obey and conform to the boot on your neck. Twitter, facebook, YouTube and many other tech industries are prime examples of this.
    So what would stop them from from cutting you off from the information necessary on that chip implant to get into your job or buy food if they decide they don’t like you for any reason?
    This would be like being a surf (in medieval Europe) to the monopoly monarchy of the tech industry and government today. They could cut you off from the necessities you need to live until you obey and conform. Or they could use that chip implant to locate you for whatever reason, like arresting you, easier than they can and are doing now by your cell phone or by what you post on your social sites.
    I’m no conspiracy theorist, I’m just seeing what they are able to do now with cell phones and social sites. All one has to do is watch some TV episodes from the “First 48 Hours” to see that they are using that stuff now to catch people. Or how those on the left now are good at doxing people they don’t like and get them fired from their work, just because they disagree with their views. So imagine having that chip implant and walking through a door to a store and that system reads that chip and notifies someone that is looking for you or wants to stop anyone or you from buying at that store for whatever reason. Or stop you from buying a particular product or item, because those that own that chip and program do not like that product or they believe you shouldn’t have it.
    That is just the basics of what is wrong with accepting and getting a microchip implant. It can get a lot worse, that system can never be safe from hacking, political or some other group control. Anyone that excepts and gets one is a fool and deserves every bit of evil they get for doing it.

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