Teacher Criticizes Conservative High School Club and Calls for them To “Jump Off a Bridge”

An elementary school teacher in Paso Robles, CA, shared an Instagram video of her saying a conservative club should “jump off a bridge.”

Kristin Usilton is a dual immersion teacher at Bauer Speck Elementary, where she’s worked for six years. Usilton filmed the video while she was in a classroom and posted her criticism of the students on her Instagram page. 

The teacher noted she took issue that one student waved a “F*** Joe Biden” flag before a Veteran’s Day parade. 

In the video, Usilton says, “The Paso Robles Conservative club for the high school, you can go jump off a bridge. I’m going to post what they thought was a great show of support for the veterans, who I’m pretty sure would be absolutely offended by what they did on [a] school campus.”

She claims that if this were done by the LGBTQ club or black or Hispanic students, they would’ve “gotten their a**** chewed out.”

Later that day, she uploaded another video clarifying that she didn’t mean for students to jump off a bridge literally.

She says she meant for them to go away. She claims that she got several messages from people who were upset about the term she used. In response, she said, “If that’s what you focused on in that message, you’re kind of part of the problem.”

The Paso Roble’s superintendent has launched two investigations into the incident. One is for the student waving the flag, and the other is for the teacher’s video response. 

In a statement, the superintendent said, “Last Wednesday, a student effort to honor Veterans Day was disrupted by a very poor choice to include a profane flag. This both detracted from the intended purpose of the demonstration and led to considerable disruption, including some postings and exchanges on social media that were completely inappropriate.” The district noted the student will be disciplined for showing the anti-Biden flag. 

In response to the teacher’s video, the district stated, “The District will make it clear to all employees that as an employee of PRJUSD, social media is not the appropriate venue for criticism of our students and families and that we must conduct ourselves in a professional manner.”

The superintendent continued by saying the schools will work to promote “tolerance and unity.” 

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