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Teacher 'Reminds' Cop That He Will Never Be White

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Updated: 05/04/21 17:43

TB Daily News has reported on the identity of the woman driver. An unedited video shows the driver’s face, and through that, she was located. Professor Kalunda-Rae Iwamizu, AKA Kalunda Jenkins, appears to be the teacher in question. It is not known at this time how unedited footage was obtained.

The article reports with picture evidence that her name can be seen on the West LA College directory under the heading faculty and staff. However, a captioned picture of her and another woman says she is no longer listed there. Her Twitter and Facebook name, Kali Kross, is also revealed along with images.

Number to West LA College located at the bottom of this article.

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Posted: 05/04/21 08:35

In this week’s episode of “why would you ever want to be a cop in America?” a teacher was caught on an L.A. County bodycam video spewing a racist verbal attack toward the deputy just trying to do his job. The bodycam footage – exclusively obtained by Fox reporter Bill Melugin – shows a woman – who identifies herself as a teacher – firing racists slurs at the 14-year career officer.

The deputy told Bill Melugin that the harmful anti-cop narrative sweeping over our nation caused him to record the incident on both his standard-issue bodycam, given to him by L.A. County, and a personal bodycam he purchased to “protect himself from false allegations.”

The deputy pulled the woman over for talking on her cell phone, which is a traffic violation. As he approached the women’s car, the video shows that she is recording the unidentified deputy on her cellphone. She asks the deputy “why” she is “being harassed” as she claims she was going under the speed limit. The deputy then attempted to respond to the already hostile woman that she was correct; he wasn’t pulling her over for her speed when she interrupted.

She told the deputy, “I started to record because you’re a murderer.”

The deputy, without flinching, calmly instructed the teacher that she “can’t be on [her] cellphone while [she is] driving” and asks for her driver’s license. She informs him that she doesn’t have her driver’s license, which gives the deputy cause to issue her a second ticket.

She says, “It’s at my apartment. It’s at my home. I mistakenly left it at home.” She finds a picture on her phone of her driver’s license and instructs the deputy to call his supervisor, which the deputy has already done. The woman again calls him a “murderer.”

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The woman asks if she is getting a “cell phone ticket.” As of 2020, the fine for violating the California cell phone ticket typically costs from $20.00 to $50.00, plus fees. This seemed to be enough for this woman to keep referring to the deputy as a murderer; for no other reason than he was an officer.

The officer politely responds, saying that he is “sorry” that she felt that way. To which the unhinged woman replies, “it’s not just a feeling; you’re a murderer.” This is when the woman identifies as a teacher, saying, “I am perfectly legal, and I am a teacher. Murderer. You’re a murderer.” He calmly responds, “congratulations.”

The deputy’s ability to stay respectful and calm during this onslaught is why we can’t continue to demonize our law enforcement officers. Every minute they are “at work” is a moment they could lose their life. It’s not a cliche. It’s a reality.

The teacher continuously calls the officer a murderer as he is attempting to get a clear view of her driver’s license photo off her phone. Who taught her that it was ok to talk to the police like that? She goes as far as claiming that the officer was “threatening to kill” her and her son.

Now, we can assume that the son she mentioned earlier in the recording is sitting in the car and therefore witnessing his mother’s interaction with the L.A. County Sheriff’s deputy. She is teaching a whole new generation that it’s ok to hate and be disrespectful to the police because the Democrats thought this narrative would help them win elections.

The deputy’s supervisor arrives and instructs the racist teacher that she will only be receiving a “cell phone ticket.”

She claimed that she was given the ticket because the deputy was a “Mexican racist.” “What is that name?” She answers herself, calling him a racist slur for Mexicans that we won’t dignify by repeating. The racist woman then hands the signed paperwork back to the deputy, saying one last time, “here you go, you Mexican racist.”

At this point, she could have taken the ticket and left. However, the hatred cultivated toward law enforcement by the left is too powerful. She decides instead to spew her last bit of venom. She tells the officer, “You’re always going to be a Mexican; you’ll never be white. Which is what you really want to be.”

Bill Melugin reports, “L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva tells me he is proud of his deputy for staying calm and professional during this interaction.” A feeling that should resonate with everyone.

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