Tennessee’s Top Vaccination FIRED; Claims Anti-Vax Propaganda Is To Blame

Tennessee’s top vaccination official, Dr. Michelle Fiscus, has been fired. Dr. Fiscus is the former Immunization Director for the Tennessee Department of Health. She claims, to the Tennessean, that she was let go from her position for pushing vaccines onto teens.

Fiscus said a memo she sent out claimed that specified language from the Tennessee Supreme Court allowed minors 14-17 years old to receive the Covid vaccine without parental consent. She said the memo was used to spark outrage in order to fire her.

The report states that after Tennessee Republican lawmakers started pushing back against the state health department’s efforts to vaccinate teenagers, she was made “a scapegoat.”

“It was my job to provide evidence-based education and vaccine access so that Tennesseans could protect themselves against COVID-19,” she said. “I have now been terminated for doing exactly that.”

In a separate interview with News 2, Dr. Fiscus claimed, “Our elected officials, many of them have really bought into this anti-vaccine propaganda that has been widely distributed, and they are not seeking the opinions of medical experts who understand these vaccines and understand this pandemic.”

In the same report, Tennessee House Speaker Cameron Sexton sought to dispel Dr. Fiscus’s accusations that Republicans in Tennessee were somehow responsible for Covid or its vaccination’s politicized status.

“I look at America. I don’t think you can blame that on Tennessee it’s been politicized with the world, with the Biden administration,” he remarked. “I just think that [Dr. Fiscus] is a little upset that she was let go and when you are employed, sometimes those decisions are made when you’ve … parted ways.”

Other Republicans in the house didn’t waste time weighing in. Republican Representative Michael Curcio said he isn’t part of the firing decisions at the Department of Health. But, he said, “I do know there was a lot of questions within the General Assembly.”

He said, “I’m sure they made the best decision with the information that they had.”

A reporter for Newsmax responded to the news congratulating Tennessee for firing Dr. Fiscus. She tweeted, “Congratulations to the great state of Tennessee for firing their COVID vaccine official – after she tried pushing it on kids!”


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