Texas Conservatives Win Big in School Board Race - Dana Loesch is Excited

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The May 1 Southlake, Texas Municipal Elections rocked the liberals’ world as they saw significant losses in one of the largest school districts in Texas. Nationally syndicated talk radio host and conservative pundit Dana Loesch highlighted the election saying, “Our municipal elections were held today, and polls just closed. We will see if we were able to defeat CRT at the ballot box and take back the district school board.”

The fight to defeat liberal’s attempt to force critical race theory (CRT) into our education system is only just beginning. But as Dana Loesch and her followers put it, Southlake gave us the “redprint” showing the first steps for parents to take “back their school district from CRT.” Originally dubbing this the “blueprint,” Loesch quickly and cheerfully changed the “blueprint” for taking back our schools to “redprint.”

It all began after Carroll Independent School District introduced Critical Race Theory into the curriculum to combat racial and cultural issues the ISD board felt were prevalent in schools. Carroll ISD called their woke Marxism training package the “Cultural Competence Action Plan.”

Plans like these remind me of the saying, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Promoting the idea that all humans have equal rights given to them by God and protected by our Constitution is a far cry from teaching children that the levels of racism living in your heart are directly connected to the color of your skin.

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Carroll ISD’s critical race theory plan claims to have five “overarching goals” seeking to “promote cultural competence within Carroll ISD; Facilitate communication and understanding among different stakeholders and serve as a community resource; Advocate for and support culturally competent and responsive programs and policies; Engage students, staff, and faculty to collect feedback on cultural competence in CISD; Propose strategies for reaching cultural competence.”

The ISD planned to “educate students about bias and advantages faced and provide strategies for preventing bias from resulting in discrimination.” Carroll ISD planned to establish an “LGBTQ+ student focus group to provide dialogue and discussion on topics important to their group.”

The “plan” was a leftist Marxist wish list and heading straight for the students in this district until the citizens of Southlake forced the May 1 election. Loesch reported, “So far, it’s 70%-30% against CRT school board candidates. Big leads against CRT (institutionalized Marxist racism) – supporting candidates. Parents showed up and fought back. Results still coming in, but everyone is hopeful for the first time in a while.”

The vote wasn’t even close, but the legacy media didn’t hesitate to run propaganda against the racist education forced onto our children. NBC’s headline read, “In bitterly divided election in Southlake, Texas, opponents of anti-racism education win big.”

In the report, NBC even states that the Conservative candidates that won the election took 70% of the vote. Dana Loesch tweeted joyfully, “Our new school board members, city council members, and mayor!” She called the election a “LANDSLIDE VICTORY.”

“Parents, YOU TOO CAN FIGHT AND BEAT bigoted Marxist critical race theory in your schools! Victory tonight for our amazing candidates!!” she tweeted.

If you know that CRT is being taught in your children’s school and you aren’t doing exactly what these parents in Southlake did, then don’t complain when your son or daughter comes home crying because they are a “racist” for no other reason than they had the unfortunate luck to have been born white.

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