Texas Files ANOTHER Lawsuit Against Biden, This Time Over the Border Wall

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If there is one state in the nation that has made it abundantly clear that they do not support the immigration decisions made by the current presidential administration, it’s Texas.

Texans have announced another ultimatum via lawsuit for Biden and his cohort: give us our wall, or we’ll sue and build our own.

“On behalf of the people of Texas, I’ve instructed my agency to file a lawsuit against President Joe Biden and also Secretary Mayorkas of the Department of Homeland Security,” stated Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush.

Filed in the Southern Texas District Federal Court, McAllen Division, the lawsuit against President Biden and the Department of Homeland Security Secretary Ali Mayorkas is because they are illegally preventing the border wall from being constructed.

Commissioner Bush points out that though Congress has set aside $5 billion annually for construction of the wall, “Joe Biden and Secretary Mayorkas have refused to spend those dollars and to finish the construction.”

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The lawsuit claims that Mayorkas has been illegally diverting the allocated funds to other projects.

“This lawsuit is not about whether border walls are effective. It is about whether a President may unilaterally override these duly enacted appropriations bills to fulfill a campaign promise,” says the lawsuit.

Texas has been one of the hardest hit by the influx in immigration since the Trump administration left. The Biden administration has been removing and altering immigration policies put in place by Trump. The removal of which has created severe problems for the border cities.

On his very first day in office, Biden began issuing executive orders, calling the border wall a “waste of money” and claiming it was not helpful, or a policy solution.

His halting and removal of immigration policies directly created an influx of immigrants, especially now that immigrants can legally remain in the United States while they await their day in court for final approval.

“The issue here is simple — no man is above the law. And that includes President Biden,” Bush said.

Texas has repeatedly shared its concerns regarding the influx of illegal immigrants and has begged the Biden Administration for help to no avail.

Now, they have taken matters into their own hands. Governor Greg Abbott announced that the state will divert its own resources and private donations to provide its own wall for $250 million. Future funds will also be budgeted for border security, totaling $1.1 billion — a record for Texas.

This lawsuit by Texas is in addition to another lawsuit filed in Laredo, where immigrants are overrunning the city. One of the Laredo lawsuit complaints is these immigrants are not medically screened before being granted access to The United States.

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