Texas Police Officer Recovering from Shots to the Face and Foot

Missouri City Police Officer Crystal Sepulveda is recovering after being shot in the face early Saturday morning.

Sepulveda, 29, is one of the officers who spotted a stolen vehicle linked to an aggravated assault and engaged the suspect, who led them on a car then foot chase at 2 a.m. in Missouri City, Texas.

When the suspect fled the vehicle into a backyard, he fired shots at the officers. Sepulveda was hit in the head and the foot while four other officers fatally shot the perpetrator.

Officer Sepulveda is a three-year veteran and set to make a full recovery. 

Missouri City assistant police chief, Lance Bothel, said:

“She is a strong officer and she will make it through this.”

Police would not yet release his name but said the suspect had two automatic handguns in his possession when he was shot.

MCPD contacted Houston PD for backup during the ordeal. Houston Police Chief Troy Finner said:

“We never celebrate the loss of life, but what (can we) do when a suspect is so violent? I’m not here to put him down. He has a family and we are praying for the family. Let’s not forget what happened out here. This suspect carjacked somebody (on Friday), then shot a police officer at another location. Then shot at officers at this location. He was armed with two automatic pistols with extended magazines. That’s what we’re facing and everybody needs to know it.”

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