Texas Rangers Only MLB Team Not Hosting Pride Night Due to Radical Agenda

With radical leftist groups, it’s either think like us—religiously, or else you will pay the price. That seems to be the case with “leaders” who presume to speak for the entire Pride community.


According to The Daily Signal, the Texas Rangers organization is the last man standing in the MLB to resist hosting a Pride night.  


The sticking point is not that the Rangers don’t support equal rights for LGBTQ… Americans. As with so many organizations hijacked by the radical left, it’s the radical agenda Rangers’ officials oppose.

Joshua Arnold, at TDS, wrote the Rangers “‘have come under enormous fire from powerful LGBT groups for not giving in and having a Pride night,’ National Review’s Nate Hochman said on ‘Washington Watch.’”

It’s true gay Americans have been discriminated against and have suffered violence. By organizing and fighting for their rights, they have become one of the country’s most successful “minority groups” by nearly every metric.


However, Pride leadership has conscripted the entire movement through which to force their radical agenda on American society and pretend all gay people support it. According to notable gay people like Tammy BruceChadwick Moore, and Richard Grenell, to name only a few, not all gay people support what the radical left want people to believe is the “gay agenda.”

Nate Hochman, of National Review, at Washington Watch, said he “spent the last couple of weeks digging into exactly what kinds of LGBT activist groups and medical clinics MLB franchises and teams were funding under the auspices of these LGBT-themed pride nights.”


At issue, Hochman said the Rangers are resisting endorsing a group that is “funding groups that were either promoting sex changes for children as young as 12 years old, or … actually providing them themselves.”


How is supporting “gender-affirming” surgery for minors, fighting for equal rights for gay Americans?




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