Texas Rep. Mayra Flores Says GOP Should Not Focus on Impeaching Biden

Pro-Trump House Republican Mayra Flores, a vocal opponent of President Joe Biden’s border policy, recently stated she opposes impeaching the president. According to the Washington Examiner, Rep. Flores, who won a special election in June for the border district of Brownsville and South Padre Island in South Texas, said in a Showtime interview that it would be a mistake to try to remove Biden from the White House because it is not what the public needs the most.

On Sunday’s episode of “The Circus,” Flores explained, “We should not be impeaching President Biden. People are struggling right now. They’re asking us to put our differences aside and to focus on the American people. She added, “They’re not waking up thinking about, you know, the social issues that Washington wants us to focus on. No, they’re waking up concerned how they’re going to make it at the end of the month.”

Despite having expressed conservative policy views in line with former President Donald Trump, Flores may become more palatable to independents in the run-up to Tuesday’s midterm elections due to her anti-impeachment stance.

Axios reported that House Republicans had made 14 attempts to remove Biden from office as of early October. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California said that Republicans would give investigations and hearings into the Biden administration’s management of the mid-2021 troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, the origin of the coronavirus, and educational issues priority. However, he could face intense pressure from his party to concentrate on impeachment.

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