Texas Shelter CEO Says Republicans not Forcing Illegal Migrants to go to Leftist Cities

Democrat mayors accuse Republican governors of “duping” illegal migrants into going to cities like New York, Chicago (and Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts). However, the New York Post reports, “Nearly a quarter of all migrants passing through an El Paso, Texas, shelter want to go to New York City and are not being forced onto buses against their will, according to the boss of the charity that runs it.”

New York City

El Paso Rescue Mission CEO Blake Barrow published an open letter on Wednesday, begging the Biden administration for help with the migrant crisis…,” which he called overwhelming. Barrow said nearly all “migrants” know where they want to go. Many want to go to New York City and Chicago. 

However, New York City Mayor Eric Adams has his own ideas, and he’s not letting a lack of evidence stop him. He claims “migrants were being forced onto buses headed for the Big Apple, even if they wanted to go elsewhere.” How does he know that? Who knows? He’s not saying. 

Mayor Eric Adams

Barrow, about any federal response from the Biden regime, said, “so far, no one from Washington has asked our opinions….”

While Biden is clearly at fault for the “escalating migrant crisis,” Adams “refused to place any blame on President Biden….” Astoundingly, Adams blames GOP governors for transporting “asylum seekers” to his city, which he called a “political stunt.” 

Adams says this while conveniently ignoring that the Biden regime, according to the Washington Examiner, has been disbursing illegal migrants throughout the U.S., including to New York, for a year and a half.


The U.S. Customs and Border Patrol recently reported they made over two million arrests for the first time, which happened in less than a year.



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