The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Released A List of ‘Offensive’ Terms People Should Stop Using

CBC Ottawa has compiled a new list of words that were analyzed by “anti-racism and language experts.” Those compiling the list noted that you’re not automatically a bad person if you use these words. The CBC experts said, “Racist etymologies are not obvious in most cases.”

Joseph Smith, one of the anti-racist trainers, explained:

“The terms are not all negative, but some terms like “blackmail” and “blacklist” use black in a negative way that lowers the status of black people. “[It] connotes evil, distrust, lack of intelligence, ignorance, a lack beauty — the absence of white.”

The problematic terms listed in the article include Ghetto, blackmail gypped, powwow, crippled, blind spot, first-world problem, lame, spirit animal, grandfathered in, tone-deaf, black sheep, tribe, spooky, savage, and to sell someone down the river.

The term “spooky” has negative racial connotations. The term “spook” was used during World War II to refer to black soldiers. 

The term “grandfathered-in” harkens back to a 19th-century policy that indirectly limited blacks from voting. Smith referred to the term as, “A patriarchic family having supreme power over how things operate and manifest, and them possessing all the power and autonomy to make decisions and dictate the course of the future. It’s re-inscribing the idea of a male-dominated society or world.”

One of the Ottawa consultants, Jas Klara, stated:

 “It’s not so much about political correctness, I think it is about the empirical accuracy and … if somebody really calls us out on a particular word, we need to stop and say, ‘It’s not about me.’ ” Her remarks come in response to the list of problematic words.

Blindspot and blindsided were also included on the list of offensive terms. Both terms are often used metaphorically to describe the limitation of sight. Julie Cashman, a member of the disability community and co-chair of the Consumer Action Committee, said about the words, “I can see that being offensive to people who can’t see.”

The word brainstorm was added to this category for its potential to offend those with brain injuries. Kalra noted, “More important is the stigma that it will effectuate about … disorders [like] epilepsy, for example.”

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  1. Are you kidding me? These terms are much older than the so called context they claim. What morons! Did they EVER ask ANYONE if they actually found these terms “offensive”. Ths is just another way to control people, to divide society. It’s a way to elimiate anyone who is sane. No, I will not comply, they can all go to blue blazes. Political Correctness, the Woke mob MUST be eliminated. I will NOT allow them to destroy society. Everything is NOT racist. Get over it! Grow up!!!! Spend your money on a REAL education. Stop making decisions based on emotions, that’s childish. Use intellect.

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