The Officer Tatum Goes Nuclear on “Racial Abusers”

On Instagram, there was a link to a podcast called We Can Do Hard Things. A caption read, “I’m Unmoved by White Tears… Because they’re fake.” The black guest slammed the white hosts with a calm but razor-sharp racist rant, and they didn’t seem to care—or know. This deluded guest has created a race fantasy universe where she makes all the definitions and rules.

The host’s and guest’s identities don’t matter because the guest is an apt representative of all CRT-spouting, BLM-supporting radicals. And the white liberal women just nodded in bovine agreement—even moaning approvingly just in case the guest can’t see their bobbleheads.

In an explosive video at Rumble, Brandon Tatum exposes this, “racial abuse, because this ain’t right.” He also refers to the liberal hosts as a “melting pot of stupidity.”

The guest believes she can read the minds of black and white people and can conjure what whites and blacks think when the other cries. It’s sick. Imagine going through life with such toxic thoughts saturating your mind.

For example, she says, “Most of us [blacks?] are not moved by white tears because we don’t actually think they’re real. It’s a performance. It’s a switch that you turn on because you know that we [blacks] have been socialized to see you [whites] as more human.” What?

She continues. “You all don’t respond to black women crying the same way.”

And “The minute a white woman cries, the world has to stop… we [black women] could be… on the ground screaming and you [whites] aren’t moved….”

Disgusting. But it represents the warped sociology and psychology that accompanies their warped version of history—and of the present.

Tatum observed, “But let a black mama get out there and lie about her baby changing his life…” the media will pick it up, it’ll go viral on social media, and BLM “will burn down a whole city….”

He concludes by assuring racial abusers white and black people don’t routinely think about each other one way or the other. He says all people have their own problems to deal with.

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