The Worst-Laid Plans of Democrats and Squishy Republicans…

Shameful Republicans, who think they are inoculated because of a recent reelection or are not running in November, have joined gun-grabbing Democrats in punishing innocent, law-abiding gun owners for the violent crimes criminals have committed.

This political fraud is not perpetrated by applying any other inanimate object. A hatchet-wielding man recently attacked a cop—no hatchet bans. A juvenile in a car in California intentionally ran down a mom walking her baby in a stroller—no automobile bans. The same goes with the mass murder and assaults with a vehicle in Waukesha. Only guns.

But what these Senate Democrats and oily Republicans believed were their “best-laid plans,” have apparently gone “astray.”

“The hold up is reportedly due to Hyde Amendment type language, POLITICO reported on Tuesday morning.”

Townhall says, “Hyde puts two particularly divisive issues together in one bill.” The Hyde Amendment prohibits paying for abortions with federal funds, which has arisen over the health care portion of the bill.

Abortion and guns. Could there be a more volatile concoction?

According to ABC News, “That provision got caught up in the portion of the possible gun law dealing with mental health funding, with Republicans pushing for language barring any money in an ultimate agreement from being used [to] pay for abortions, according to a source familiar with the matter.”

Townhall reported the Democrats, who helped pass the Hyde Amendment in 1976, have “become much more aggressive in seeking to get rid of it, despite having historically supported it previously. This includes President Joe Biden, though he has vigorously sought to get rid of it with his budget proposals.”

Part of the problem is the Senate appears in a rush to get to their “two-week recess” for July 4th. Politico also reported that if the Senate does not pin down acceptable “legislative language,” “The goal of passing the bill before the Independence Day recess could be out of reach.”

Politico also notes these delays mean “negotiators risk losing the momentum and political will that brought them together…” in the aftermath of the Uvalde school shooting and Buffalo grocery store murders.

Still, these incidents had nothing to do with law-abiding gun owners.

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