THUGS! Biden Supporters Attack Trump Supporters, Stamp On One’s Head After D.C. Rally [VIDEO]

A group of Biden supporter thugs attacked several Trump supporters after taking part in rallies on the streets of Washington, DC, on Saturday. There were many nasty attacks including one where a man who tried to fight off an attack is hit from behind, then attacked by two women who kicked him and stamped on his head.

A thug holding a “Trump-Pence Out“ approaches from behind and sucker punches a Trump supporter knocking him out. Almost immediately, the two females kick and stamp on the man’s head before others rushed to his aid. Many videos captured the intense harassment and threats that Trump supporters had to endure, including those with children and this despite police presence in the area.

Drew Hernandez, investigative reporter for, recorded these scenes over the course of the weekend:

A video shared by Jorge Ventura from @Venturareports captured several incidents where leftists protesters attacked Trump supporters and in some cases, they tried to fight back as they walked away.

H/T Breitbart