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Times Square Shooter Arrested In Florida

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Marmee Rooke

The man responsible for shooting up NYC last week was found and arrested inside a Florida McDonalds. 31-year-old Farrakhan Muhammad was arrested Wednesday morning in Florida for “opening fire in New York City’s Times Square over the weekend, shooting three innocent bystanders, including a 4-year-old girl,” sources confirmed Fox News.

In our earlier reporting on the Times Square shooting, we detailed the harrowing ordeal highlighting brave NYPD officer Alyssa Vogel who ran through the streets of New York City with the 4-year-old shooting victim, Skye Martinez, in her arms. Officer Vogel described Skye as “the strongest person I have ever seen.”

Farrakhan Muhammad shot Skye in the upper thigh. Officer Vogel heard her partner locate an ambulance “down the block.” But, she said, “through my mind, she needs to get to the hospital. When there is a gunshot wound up on your thigh, there are arteries, and you didn’t know if an artery was hit or not. So, I just wanted to make sure she got to the hospital as soon as possible.”

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Jacksonville area reporter Jessica Barreto tweeted, “Farrakhan Muhammad was arrested today at a McDonald’s parking lot in Starke, FL.

“Muhammad was nabbed while eating fast food in a McDonald’s parking lot in Starke, Florida,” the report states. Muhammad’s girlfriend was there at the time of the arrest and was reportedly “cooperative with investigators when they arrested him.” His Bradford County Jail “mug shot” backed up claims that Muhammad had changed his appearance after the shooting.

NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig credited tips to the Crime Stoppers organization that warned Farrakhan Muhammad “was traveling out of state and heading south.”

It is unclear if Muhammad will be extradited to New York after the charges against him are released. He is currently being held in the custody of the Starke Police Department.

We will continue to update as the story unfolds.

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