Timothy Simpkins Back In Custody for Bond Violation

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The boy accused of hurting four people during a school shooting in Arlington has been remanded in custody.

According to reporters, Timothy Simpkins, 18, was arrested for a bond violation on Thursday, citing court documents they found. He is said to have failed a drug and alcohol test.
Simpkins was released on bond in October, only days after police say he opened fire at Arlington’s Timberview High School.

The shooting was said to be the result of a fight between Simpkins and another student. Zaccaeus Selby, a 15-year-old student, was seriously hurt but survived.

A gunshot grazed another pupil, and a teacher was shot. In the aftermath of the shooting, a second pregnant teacher was injured.

Three counts of aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon were filed against Simpkins.

His family said he was bullied. However, the Arlington police chief stated that bullying did not play a factor in the shooting.

  1. This time keep this child in custody. Hopefully he can come up with some priorities that will change his stupid life for the better.

  2. hopefully while he’s in there this time he can think of some priorities that will be better for his dumb life.

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