Toronto Police “Missing Woman” Description: Blonde Hair, Full Goatee

Voltaire said, “Whoever can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities,” so, watch out, Canada. Your nation’s prime absurdity Justin Trudeau’s atrocious “wokeness” continues to spread.

A few days ago, as reported by The Blaze headline, it’s “The absolute dumbest time to be alive.” This referred to a Toronto Police Service’s “missing person” alert. That part is routine.

What’s not so routine is the description and photo of the “woman.” Wanting Canadians to believe absurdity, the description reads: “Isobella Degrace, 27… 5’10”, with a thin build, shaggy blonde hair, and a full goatee,” a news release states [emphasis added].

Let’s add to the absurdity and declare: She’s a dude, man.

It’s no surprise if the satire site Babylon Bee just came to mind. Bee CEO Seth Dillon tweeted, “The world has become too absurd to be satirized.” Absurd.

The Twittersphere cackled. “Guys my dog is missing, let me know if you see her,” one person tweeted. Accompanying the tweet is a photo of a bird.

A British actor tweeted, “I mean, I’m not a biologist, but….”

Brexit Party Member of European Parliament Christina Jordan tweeted, “You’ve spelt ‘man’ incorrectly @TorontoPolice.”

Understandably dumbstruck, The Post Millennial simply published a straight news blurb about the incident. While, according to Town Hall, Libs of TikTok tweeted, “beyond parody.”

Town Hall also reported that Summit News’ Paul Joseph Watson, in his “Clown world Canada” column, wrote, “Toronto Police caused confusion on Twitter after posting about a missing ‘woman’ despite the accompanying picture showing a biological male with a goatee.”

Watson also wrote, “Apparently, observing Canada’s gender identification rules is more important than accurately describing a missing person.”

One tweeter predicted, “unsolved cases at Toronto Police are about to jump exponentially….”

Another astute tweeter posted, “How would you describe this woman on the radio or via text?”

“If you laugh, it’s a hate crime,” joked one person.

It’s a crime to make a false report to the police. But what about when police make a false report to the public?

Watson noted that about nine hours after the tweet, police located Degrace, thankfully, unharmed.

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