Travis Scott Denies Responsibility for Concert Tragedy by Asking Judge to Drop Lawsuits with Prejudice

Travis Scott has really outdone himself now. After feigning ignorance about the unfolding tragedy during his Astroworld concert this year, he’s made it official.

He doesn’t intend to take responsibility for the lives lost and people injured at his November show. 

A total of 275 cases have been filed against the entertainer after 10 people died and over 300 others were injured at his show on November 5. One such lawsuit seeks $2 billion on behalf of 282 victims.

Scott is now issuing a “general denial.” In legal terms, it allows one to submit one blanket response to all the allegations against them in civil suits.

By filing retorts to the lawsuit, Scott has made it official that the deaths and injuries are not his fault, and he refuses to take accountability.

In his request to the judge, he asked for the lawsuit brought against him by Jessie Garcia to be dropped entirely with prejudice. This means that the case could never be tried again, and Scott and his companies would be free from all liability. 

He’s also expected to issue a similar response to every lawsuit on the table. A motion has already been filed to consolidate the cases into one “multi-district litigation” with an assignment to a single judge. A ruling has yet to be made.

As I previously reported, Scott continued to play for 37 minutes after officials declared a state of emergency; rap superstar Drake even joined him on stage. The pair performed music while emergency personnel performed CPR on members of the crowd.

In a TMZ video, an emergency vehicle is seen driving through the crowd. At the same time, Scott is beginning yet another song, and he is heard saying, “It’s f***in’ beautiful! Let’s see you all the way in the back!”

Despite the event officials being notified of the emergency, the show never stopped. Scott later issued an apology that was anything but heartfelt, and many people didn’t buy it.

After Scott’s lame apology video, it’s no surprise that he wants to weasel out of all responsibility. 

He maintains that he didn’t know it was happening but offered to refund all ticket holders and pay the funeral expenses for all who lost their lives during his performance. At least four of the families rejected that offer, as they are seeking justice for the lives needlessly lost.

Michael Lyons, an attorney for the family of Mirza’ Danish’ Baig who rejected Scott’s proposal, said he viewed the offer to pay for funeral costs partly as a public relations ploy by Scott to “soften people up” in the court of public opinion. Baig was 27 when he lost his life during the concert.

Now that his “generosity” has fallen flat, it seems that Scott will do anything he can to skirt responsibility.

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