Tucker Carlson Takes on ‘Woke General’ in U.S. Military [Video]

Tucker Carlson highlighted on his Fox News show a serious issue concerning leadership within the U.S. Military. Americans are witnessing an alarming number of woke generals filling the ranks and pushing their progressive ideas onto the men and women who serve.

Tucker brought on Ned Ryan, found and CEO of American Majority, to discuss a Twitter fight between an American citizen and U.S. Army General Patrick Donahoe. Tucker called it “remarkable” that someone like General Donahoe made it to the rank of Major General in the U.S. Army.

Tucker remarked, “He’s a general, but he doesn’t seem as interested in keeping the company safe as he is in promoting a specific political point of view.” He accused Donahoe of spending “most of his time online apparently harassing political opponents of the Biden administration.”

Carlson is referring to an incident where Gen. Donahoe responded to Josiah Lippincott’s tweet. Lippincott, A Marine veteran and Ph.D. student at Hillsdale College, tweeted, “Suicide is an intentional act. Car accidents are not. When policy treats healthy soldiers as biological hazards, we shouldn’t be surprised by an increase in Suicide and psychological problems.”

Then a Maj. General in the U.S. Army responded, tagging Hillsdale College in the tweet, saying, “Come get your boy.” The idea that a general of our military is shilling for a particular party is disturbing, and Tucker remarks that it’s hard to believe “that guy is really a general.”

Twitter users also felt that Gen. Donahoe’s response was not only childish but shocking coming from what is supposed to be a non-partisan military. A Twitter user, who identified themselves as an American citizen this morning, asked Gen. Donahoe, “hey general, how many wars have you won?”

Gen. Donahoe responded, “Don’t be a shill for Putin.” Because asking an honest question about how many wars an American general has won while we “wind-down” troops in the Middle East is apparently synonymous with Russian disinformation if you are part of the left’s ruling class.

“So here you have a Major General in the U.S. Army accusing an American citizen of being a “shill for Putin” because that person criticized Joe Biden,” Tucker explained.

“Are you comfortable with that with a highly politicized U.S. military who acts basically as the armed enforcers of the Biden Administration?” Tucker asked.

Ned Ryan believes Americans now see the culmination of the left’s ideology bleed into our once bi-partisan military. He explains that “a lot of these senior officers have gotten advanced degrees from indoctrination centers of higher learning such as Harvard or Columbia.”

These senior officers were promoted during the Obama years “not necessarily through merit.” He said that this is what we should expect from senior military officials who were promoted for being well versed in “parroting the left’s talking points,” not “how good are you at tactics? How good are you at killing people.”


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