Tucker Carlson: The Texas Green Energy Disaster Is Coming to You Next

Fox News host Tucker Carlson railed against unreliable green energy sources and the Democrats who are pushing them after wind turbines in Texas froze Monday during a winter storm that proved deadly amid power massive outages.

A polar vortex began gripping the South and Midwest on Sunday, leaving states with normally mild winters, such as Texas, unprepared. Thanks to the Lone Star State’s decision to rely on wind farms for a substantial amount of its energy, Texas is now a model for why green energy sources are not yet a realistic solution.

As Carlson pointed out Monday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” despite being rich in oil and natural gas, Texas now relies on wind farms to produce roughly one-fifth of its power. When this week’s historic cold froze many of those turbines, millions were left without heat in dangerous temperatures, and several people have died.

“Well, the good news is all that alternative energy seems to have had a remarkable effect on the climate, as intended,” Carlson said. “Last night, parts of Texas got to temperatures that we see in Alaska. In fact, they were the same as they were in Alaska. So global warming is no longer a pressing concern in Houston. We’ve solved that problem.

“The bad news is, they don’t have electricity. The windmills froze, so the power grid failed. Millions of Texans woke up Monday morning having to boil their water because with no electricity, it couldn’t be purified.”


More than 2 million Texans were left without power on Monday, The Associated Press reported. As of Tuesday, hundreds of thousands were still facing record cold temperatures without light or heat, KXAS-TV reported.

Police found two men dead in Houston, and their deaths are suspected to have been weather-related, the AP reported.

Why did this all happen? According to Carlson, it’s because a state that was more than capable of heating every home and then some with abundant fossil fuels chose not to do so.

“Running out of energy in Texas is like starving to death at the grocery store: You can only do it on purpose, and Texas did,” he opined.

The Fox News host then hit President Joe Biden, climate czar John Kerry and even Democratic Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey for their rhetoric on fossil fuels and Green New Deal proposals — proposals he pointed out would make every state’s residents as vulnerable as Texans.

Biden, on Jan. 27, vowed to make the “existential threat” of the “climate crisis” the subject of a new plan when signing an executive order.

“You hear those phrases a lot, and you’ll notice that they are all suspiciously nonprecise,” Carlson said. “So what do they mean for you?

“Well, they mean higher energy prices, for starters. Gas is already up, in case you haven’t noticed. Electricity will follow. Higher costs hurt the weakest. Inflation always does.

“But it’s worse than that. Green energy inevitably means blackouts. And someday that may change as technology progresses, but as of right now and the current state of technology, that is true. Green energy means a less-reliable power grid, period. It means failures like the ones we’re seeing now in Texas.

“That’s not a talking point, that is true. It’s science. So of course, they’re denying it.”

Carlson also hit at the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, which runs the state’s power grid. Austin’s NPR station, KUT-FM, bragged in 2019 that officials with ERCOT announced 22 percent of the state’s power was created using wind turbines.

“Fifteen years ago, there were virtually no wind farms in Texas,” Carlson said. “Last year, roughly a quarter of all electricity generated in the state came from wind. Local politicians were pleased by this. They bragged about it like there was something virtuous about destroying the landscape and degrading the power grid.

“Just last week, Gov. Greg Abbott proudly accepted something called the Wind Leadership Award, given with gratitude by a company getting rich from green energy.

“So it was all working great until the day it got cold outside. The windmills failed, like the silly fashion accessories they are, and people in Texas died. …

“Now we’re telling you all of this not to beat up on the state of Texas — it’s a great state, actually — but to give you some sense about what’s about to happen to you, to every state.”

While the idea of renewable energy is a nice one, when people most needed power for their homes this week in Texas, it failed them. People are dead, millions have been or were reduced to feeling the unbearable cold inside of their homes, and we won’t know the full extent of the suffering until a later date.

But when temperatures plunged, those windmills were reduced to being just useless eyesores on the landscape.

As Carlson pointed out Monday, this could have all been avoided had those in charge of the state’s power grid done their jobs to ensure that grid was reliable — rather than virtue signal with windmills that needed to be bailed out by fossil fuels when they were crucial pieces of the larger machine that keeps the lights on.

In what is a horrifying reality, Biden and Democrats are now running Washington.

They want to spend trillions of dollars to ensure that every grid looks like the one that just failed Texans.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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